Shooting School and Turn Key Long Range Shooting Sytems

Ranger Long Range Hunting specializes in setting guns up with custom turret systems to provide an affordable long range shooting system. The system is comprised of your choice of Rifle and a Long Range Scope with a custom turret validated to your rifles true ballistics. These systems are hunt ready for long distances out to 1000 yards. Simply range your target and dial in the distance on your custom turret.

Hunting in Texas is different than hunting in the North West. We typically are shooting at 100-200 yards. With that being said grandpa's ole 270 win and a 3x9 scope could do the trick. But what if that buck of a life time walks out at 450 yards on the one weekend you drove hours to hunt and you are sitting there with grandpa's old set up? What if you want the versatility of taking your gun on a trip to Colorado to hunt elk where long range shots are game changers? With Ranger Long Range Shooting systems you will be able to increase your hunt success rate, by increasing your kill range. These systems can shoot out to 1,000 yards. 500 yards will feel like the new 200 yard shots you are used to making with grampy's ole gun.

Below is an example Remington Sendero Shooting System set up with a custom turret shooting at a 16" square target at 400 yards and at 850 yards.


400 Yards
850 Yards

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